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About Police/Emergency Service for International Visitors

Mexico City Emergency Service

Emergency Services for international visitors in Mexico City are the responsibility of the Secretary of Citizen Security (Secretaría de seguridad ciudadana), and administered by the Subsecretary of Citizen Participation and Crime Prevention (Subsecretaría de participación ciudadana y prevención del delito).

The department provides security and assistance services. This is based on the monitoring of criminal activity in the areas frequented by international and out-of-town visitors, and by supporting a close working relationship with the business sector most interested in international visitors. They also offer a figure of support for international visitors.

Primary Objectives of the Emergency Services Department

  • Protection and assistance for international visitors
  • Reducing incidences of: assault, extortion, public disorder
  • Promoting social cohesion
  • Rescue and first-aid services


What the department sets out each day to do is as follows:

  • Provide first contact service for city visitors after any type of incident.
  • They act as a link for city visitors to any of the three levels of Mexican government.
  • They also serve as a conduit between the overall tourist sector and the Secretary for Citizen Security.

Services members are prepared to provide emergency paramedics for immediate attention in areas of high volumes of visitors. These are usually based on motorcycles, but they have quick access to ambulance services when these are necessary.

Just because you don’t see emergency services personnel nearby, it doesn’t mean they’re not on duty. Police officials and paramedics are posted near to all major traffic areas where international visitors congregate in any numbers. It’s better for the City, and it’s generally safer for visitors too.

Remember, that doesn’t mean you’re not welcome and safe in all other areas of the city. In fact, quite the contrary. You may be not only safer in areas far away from the crowds, but you’ll find it easier to see, enjoy, and learn more too. At the same time, you’ll want to hit the most important sites too. Rest assured, plenty of people are interested in seeing you visit safely and happily.