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Heart of Mexico Walking Tours

Photo: Ricardo Canseco, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED

"Heart of Mexico"
Walking Tours of Mexico City's Historic Center

A project of the Digital Cultural Corridor 

The Heart of Mexico City walking tours presented here were developed from 2023 research into the Historic Center monuments, buildings, and points of interest, (Investigación Centro Histórico, Monumentos, Edificios y Puntos de Interés). Research direction and route design were the work of 
Acercate al Centro A.C. and Guadalupe Gómez Collada.

The project was coordinated by the Historic Center Trust (Fideicomiso del Centro histórico) under the direction of Maestra Loredana Montes.

  1. Zócalo & Templo Mayor Route
  2. Alameda-Madero Route
  3. Santo Domingo – Santa Catarina Route
  4. Manuel Tolsá- Santa Veracruz Route
  5. Loreto – San Ildefonso Route
  6. Moneda – Santísima Route
  7. The Ancient Route
Project "Digital Culture Corridor

Name or research : Investigación Centro Histórico, Monumentos, Edificios y Puntos de Interés (2023)

Direction of research and design of Routes:  Acércate al Centro A.C., Guadalupe Gómez Collada

Coordination and historical research: Fideicomiso del Centro histórico, Dir. Maestra Loredana Montes

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