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Turibus & Capital Bus Tours

turibus capital bus Mexico City

Mexico City bus tours are inexpensive and essential to finding your way around the metropolis. They’re primarily provided by two bus lines; Turibus and Capital Bus. Both run excellent tour bus services that circulate over ever-widening routes throughout Mexico City.

Riders can choose open-boarding plans where they simply hop-on and off at predesignated spots around the city, or book organized tours to specific points, and sometimes with themed routes and itineraries.

Capital Bus

Capital Bus heads to the city’s most emblematic sites and attractions on comfortable sightseeing buses with retractable roofs.


With fast regular service, Turibus covers a tremendous amount of the city. Remember, most passengers now choose to get on and off almost any of the buses, all day long. And there are an ever growing number of night-time and thematically organized tours.

It’s a great way to see and experience that much more in the city.

There are special notes on the pages of every one of the dozens of stops these buses make throughout Mexico City. Just click on a bus stop to find out more about it and to see what else is nearby.


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