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3-Day Mexico City Travel Itineraries

edificio ermita (2)
Photo: Matthew Rutledge on Wikimedia Commons.

Three days is a lot of time in Mexico City. That’s in part because there’s so much to do. You really have to plan carefully.

Our three day agenda begins in Chapultepec Park, which is itself a massive set of attractions and sights to behold.

Day one starts here: 

Day two you’ll tackle the City Center, starting at the Zócalo:

Day Three takes on San Juan Moyotlan and the Alameda Area. With plenty of great food, there’s some good shopping too.

Or scroll down for the options best for you.

Coyoacan? It’s here.

fonateca nacional

Xochimilco? It’s here.


Just want the boat launches? We’ve listed 11 of them here.

San Ángel
Colonial City Center and Flower Capital of Mexico City


And there’s other short walking and virtual tours here.

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