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Embajadas en la Ciudad de México


Complete information is below on many of the international embassies and diplomatic missions in Mexico City.

Mexico City is home to some 86 embassies, and many countries have consulates and/or consulates-general in other cities within the Republic. If you’re visiting and need to get in touch with your embassy, just scroll down for contact information.

Although most embassies are concentrated in the Paseo de la Reforma corridor, in the neighborhoods of Cuauhtémoc and Juarez, or in Polanco, a few are in more far-flung places. In every case, your home country embassy will be able to help you in the event of a lost or stolen passport, or with amny other issues relating to your visit to Mexico City or returning home.

If you can’t find the embassy you need to be in touch with, call LOCATEL for assistance.

Map of Major Diplomatic Missions in Mexico City: