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Discounts for AIFA Travelers

Click on any of the map markers above for details on Mexico City lodging discounts.

December 2023 – January 2024 Lodging Discounts

Local hoteliers have banded together to offer special lodging discounts for travelers arriving to Mexico City via the Felipe Ángeles International Airport. The Aeropuerto Internacional ‘Felipe Ángeles’ offers one more way to stay for a lot less in Mexico City. The airports increasing flights now leave travelers with an extra incentive.

Hotel discounts mean you can stay an extra night, or plan an entire new trip. Most of the participating hotels (click on the map above) just ask for a boarding pass, or ticketing info. If you’re flying through AIFA, they’ll mark your hotel fare down. That’s enough for some travelers in Mexico City for the Holidays, or for the added excitement of a New Year in Mexico City.

Additionally, “Plus One Night” discounts are good through the end of the year and offer all kinds of discounts on local tours, meals, and theater. There’s more info here.

If you’re flight is arriving via the Felipe Ángeles Airport, now you’ve got extra incentive to stay a bit longer, or to book with a participating hotel.

If you’re just planning you’re trip, book your flight through AIFA, and you’ll save that much more. Most discounts are good through the end of January 2024, but this program is very likely to be extended.


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