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3. Santo Domingo - Santa Catarina Walking Tour

The Santo Domingo - Santa Catarina Walking Route is the third in the "Heart of Mexico" series of self-guided tours through Mexico City's Center.

This one takes strollers on a trip into the deep past. You'll reach some of Mexico City's most evident colonial history, and some that's even older. And all from just northwest of the Zócalo.

  1. Santo Domingo Temple
  2. Plaza de Santo Domingo
  3. Secretaría de Educación Pública
  4. Portal de los Evangelistas
  5. Señor de la Expiración Chapel
  6. Palace of the Inquisition
  7. Santa Catarina Mártir

The points along the walking tour can all be visited in the space of an afternoon. See the footnote at the bottom of each entry for the official Walking Tour Text.

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