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7. The Ancient Route

The Ancient Route is one of the most curious and interesting of the seven "Heart of Mexico" Walking Tours through the Center. Beginning all the way in the south of the city center, strollers will trace a path that begins with the merely ritual and ceremonial. It ends up with some of the deepest secrets and insights into the culture and people of the Mesoamerican past.

Check the footnotes at the bottom of each of the following entries as you make your way.

  1. Templo de Ehécatl 
  2. Casa del Marqués del Apartado
  3. El Gran Tzompantli
  4. Palacio de Axayácatl
  5. Metropolitan Cathedral
  6.  Pedro González Trujillo Residential Remains
  7. Templo Mayor
  8. Gran basamento mexica
  9. Calmécac Ruins

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