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Centro Cultural España en México

Centro Cultural de España en México_


The Centro Cultural de España en México (CCEMx) is the Spanish Cultural Center in Mexico. It’s arguably the most important cultural center of its kind in the city. This is not just due to its prominent location behind the Metropolitan Cathedral.

It’s part of the Network of Cultural Centers of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID). The 16th-century building with a Baroque façade was donated in 2002 by the Mexico City Government to the Agency.

A 2011 remodeling added an entirely new wing and extended the facility to Donceles 97 connecting two emblematic streets of the Historic City-Center. Today, the Center includes:

Espacio X – An auditorium with capacity for 500 people or 250 seats;
Panorama Room – A multipurpose room of 240 square meters and a terrace with views of the Zocalo;
Sala Donceles Room – More than 300 meters of linear exhibition space;
Salas 1 to 5 – Five adjoining exhibition rooms, Ain;
Two Workshop Rooms.

A multidisciplinary cultural space, frequent activities include film, musical events, workshops and conferences, live arts events, events in the humanities and literature, children’s activities, art, science, technology and society, as well as important exhibitions.

The Center is primarily focused on the amplification of contemporary art, but it’s also known as something of a lively nightspot.

In 2012, a Site Museum was opened in the basement. This resulted from the discovery of an ancient Calmécac, that is, a training center for nobility in ancient México-Tenochtitlán.

The Centro Cultural de España en México has played an important role in the cultural life of the City-Center going back two decades. It’s a remarkably active and vibrant space, and not just for visitors to the City. Generations have grown up counting on the Center as an alternative, and even as a mainstay, in the City’s art, cultural, and visual arts scene.

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Museum Archive of Photography

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El Mayor

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