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Vestigios del Calmecac

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Vestigios del CalmécacThe central district of ancient Tenochtitlan was home to several institutions. Among these was a Calmécac, a school for the sons of Tenochtitlan nobles. Students dedicated themselves here to the priesthood, to war craft and to making decisions for the ancient city. Over the centuries, the space came to be occupied by a colonial era mansion but after the 1985 earthquake that building was left in ruins. The Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico later expanded building and the vestiges of this important Mexica school room were revealed. Excavations later exposed more than 80 artifacts from multiple periods. These are exhibited within a Site Museum operated by the CCE.

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Proyecto “Corredor de Cultura Digital”.

Nombre de la investigación: Investigación Centro Histórico, Monumentos, Edificios y Puntos de Interés (2023)

Dirección de investigación y diseño de Rutas: Acércate al Centro A.C. Guadalupe Gómez Collada

Coordinación e investigación histórica: Fideicomiso del Centro histórico Dir. Maestra Loredana Montes

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