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Archaeological Sites

Mexico City's many archaeological sites are richly rewarding and still being explored and learned from today. They're the pride of the city, and a big part of the reason people visit the city from around the world.

Few other cities can boast a history so long, and so little understood. Yet for international visitors, one big surprise is exactly how much is understood, and how much is still being learned. Modern, dynamic, innovative Mexico City has a deep affinity for reclaiming and truly understanding its past.

You can visit museums that surround major archaeological excavations, or smaller discoveries only now turning out learning, new knowledge, and better understanding. In every case we're glimpsing important and influential cultures, many of them still quite present among us. And learning has never been more vital.

The pages below are dedicated to better exploring the names, figures, peoples, and traditions, as well as the sites.

Mexico City's Archaeological Sites are many. But you'll discover in the pages that follow that many of them can be visited and explored too. There's still more in the many museums and smaller community sites that we've also taken great pains to present to you.

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