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20th-Century Housing

Mexico City is a 20th-century laboratory of experiments in housing. Overwhelming demand has always meant big projects, fascinating results, and architectural innovation.

The big surprise, although these experiments may never be repeated, is that there are big successes too. The tragic crash of the reputation of master builder, Mario Pani, with the 1985 earthquakes is simply not the end of the story.

Amongst all of the successes and failures, students of urbanism and architecture still arrive from all over the world. While there is no grand development as pristine today as when it opened, there is perhaps more to learn than ever. There are exceptions too.

There are no abandoned housing projects. Individual buildings have been lost. But all of the 20th-century housing projects listed below, and shown on the map, are living breathing communities. You're asked to show the same respect you might upon entering someone's home.

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