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1. Zócalo & Templo Mayor Walking Route

The Zócalo to Templo Mayor Waling Route is one of the surest ways to get an initial introduction to modern Mexico City and ancient Tenochtitlán.

To follow the Route, see the footnote descriptions at the end of each of the following entries.

  1. Plaza de la Constitución, The Zócalo! 
  2. Metropolitan Cathedral and the Sagrario
  3. Templo Mayor Museum and archaeological site
  4. The Palacio Nacional  to the east on the Zócalo
  5. Old City Hall  on the Zócalo's southwest
  6. Nacional Monte de Piedad on the west of the  Zócalo
  7. Gran Hotel Ciudad de México
  8. Portal de los Mercaderes both on the southwest corner 

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