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Plus One Night – 2023 Travel Specials in Mexico City

Check the map above for all kinds of offers and specials. They’re across Mexico City, and many last through the end of 2023.

Mexico City’s Secretary of Tourism announced in a May a series of efforts to convince guests already in the Mexican capital to add another night to the stay.

There’s plenty of reason to do add another night to your stay.

  1. There are nearly 200 museums in the City. That’s more than any city in the world, except for London.
  2. Mexico City is home to some 450 public markets. Each is something like a neighborhood museum all on it’s own.
  3. 25 world-class archaeological sites bring the deep past to life, like never before.
  4.  If you’re worried about how to see it all, we’ve got complete itineraries ready to go. And for just your extra day, there’s a whole list of things to see and do, and activities for every interest.

Need still more convincing? There’s wall to wall specials on hotels and accommodations, too.

1. The Barceló Mexico Reforma is offering a 12% discount from the regular rate with breakfast in your room, for 1 or 2 guests. Additional guests will incur an extra cost when you book.

2. The Hotel Premier in Colonia Juárez is offering a 10% discount on the regular rate for all rooms through the end of the year. There’s just a couple of blocked out dates for the Formula 1 Race and Day of the Dead (from October 27 to November 4, 2023).

3. The Ibis Perinorte is offering a 10% discount on their regular rate through the end of the year.

4. The Mundo Joven Catedral Hostel is offering a 20% discount with complimentary breakfast.

Through the end of 2023, the point is to always stay another day, whether you’re in town for business or pleasure. In the map above, you’ll see specials from inn-keepers, restaurants, entertainment outlets, and tour companies. Cultural institutions are there too.



National Museum of Anthropology (MNA)

The most visited museum in all Mexico, the Anthropology Museum is like New York's Metropolitan, but even better.

Chapultepec Castle, National History Museum,

Chapultepec Castle is one of the premier sites in the city, and one of the highest you can visit, too!

Chapultepec Zoo

The Zoo in Chapultepec is still one of the favorite parts of the park. With kids, it gets even better.

Chapultepec Lake

The famous lake in Chapultepec is in fact but one of several bodies of water, in a park as big as some cities.

Museo del Caracol

One Chapultepec's best-loved museums, the Caracol is still the city's most dynamic presentation of history.