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El Tepozteco National Park



Nearly half of El Tepozteco National Park is in Mexico City’s Milpa Alta. In fact, the protected area covers almost the entire southern half of the alcaldía. The park, though, is far better known for the archaeological zone reached through the town of Tepoztlán in the state of Morelos to the south. That’s where nearly all of the photos will be taken, in the southernmost part of the National Park.

The parts of the park in Mexico City make up an important part of the Chichinautzin Biological Corridor which extends across much of the south the City. The park can be visited from many of the pueblos originarios of Milpa Alta. These are the original towns, many of them remaining since ancient times. Santa Ana Tlacotenco  is one very good example. But many of these small farming communities make excellent ecological and alternative travel destinations, and the park is one more reason to go.

  • The park is most often visible from Parres El Guarda, the town in Tlalpan.
  • The photo above was taken about two hours hiking, (one hour on a bike) south of Tlacotenco in Milpa Alta.
  • The same area can be reached from points along the Xochimilco-Oaxtepec highway.

El Telpazteco National Park in Tepoztlán, Morelos

Tepozteco National Park makes a magnificent day-trip. The entire area is part of the Neo-volcanic Axis and the sub-province of the Anahuac Lakes and Volcanoes. The Sierra de Tepoztlán is made up of several hills of extraordinary morphology. Erosion and other movements have left deep ravines and peaks.

The area is noted for its variety of plant-life: warmer areas have a great affinity with plants of neo-tropical origin. Cooler places neo-arctic and partially Andean type plants. The contrast is outstanding.

Most international visitors will want to visit the picturesque town of Tepoztlán, which offers many attractions such as a Dominican monastery and lots of colorful sights.

But beyond all of this, the hike up to the Tepozteco Archaeological Zone is quite an adventure. Not too long, but with a steep incline, climbing up there costs nothing. Entry into the Archaeological Zone is $55.00 pesos, which is the cost. You should also wear good shoes because the terrain has some slippery rocks. Someone in good condition can make the climb in 20 minutes. For the rest of us, it’s about a 40-minute hike with a few breaks.

How to get here


Parres el Guarda, Tlalpan

Nearest at 14.92 kms.

Temazcal Cuautlaquetzalli

Nearest at 15.60 kms.

Casa de Cultura Tlacoyucan

Nearest at 16.05 kms.


Casa de Cultura Tepecuitlapa

A cultural center in combination with the town tianguis...

Tianguis de San Bartolomé Xicomulco

A classic neighborhood market in San Bartolomé

Zapatista Barracks Museum

A glimpse into the lives of the Revolutionary Zapatista Army, a museum in Milpa Alta is not to be missed.

San Martín Plaza, Chapel and Kiosk in San Pedro Atocpan

A magnificent little chapel dedicated to Saint Martin, it's often enough painted bright pink.

Lord of Mercies Shrine, San Pedro Atocpan

The legendary Shrine of the Lord of Mercies is more than a mountain church. It's been an inspiration to generations

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