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Taxis & Taxi Apps

Taxi Service in Mexico City
Taxi service throughout the city has been one focus of scrutiny. The fleet now features an increasing number of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Getting Around
Using Mexico City’s Taxis 

For lots of riders and destinations, taxi service in Mexico City is still an absolute must. While international travelers have increasing turned to Uber and similar apps, you can still use the cruising pink white taxis that are omni-present in the city streets. Here are a few pointers. 

Mi Taxi

  1. Use Mi Taxi. It comes pre-installed in App. It’ll help you to do all of the following! 

Using taxis which have not updated to the latest paint scheme (i.e.; the pink and white) is not recommended as these are likely to be the least regulated. 

Using Taxi Services in Mexico City Safely

When hailing a cab:

  1. Be sure that the license plate numbers are preceded by the letters A or B, and that this number matches that painted on the outside of the vehicle.
  2. Check that the carta de identificación ID is displayed visibly inside the cab,
  3. Check that your driver matches the photo.
  4. Don’t take any street cab that doesn’t stand up to these three tests. 

Mi Taxi will help you to verify the same information. 

Fares during the day are calculated by the taxímetro meter, and increases by 20% between 11pm and 6am.

More secure still are “Radio Taxis” which cost a bit more. A telephone dispatcher can tell you the number and type of car before they arrive.  

 Taxi Apps

Many international visitors use app-based services like Uber and with very few complaints. The cashless system and often cheaper fares, plus the fact that interactions with the driver (and thus  language difficulties), can be minimized, mean it’s a preferable system. However, depending on where you find yourself, you may want to refer to the information above and simply hail a cab. Taxi service in Mexico City has generally improved, in part, as a result of competition from app-based services. 

That said, Mi Taxi may offer the single best alternative – with all of the options of BOTH SYSTEMS.


Don’t be intimidated by the Metro

The entire Mexico City Metro system was designed and originally intended to be used by people lacking good Spanish reading skills. For many longer trips across the city, the Metro will be preferable to sitting in traffic. And you’ll be helping out all of the people in the city, too. 

The city is working to better regulate the use of ride apps for the benefit of everyone, drivers and passengers alike.