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About Locatel

Dedicated operators
Dedicated operators are on-hand to take your call.

It’s Better than a Tourist Hotline.

LOCATEL is the Mexico City public telephone service which has operated since September 3, 1979. The service is intended to provide information on the programs, services, procedures, and institutions of Mexico City.

You can call LOCATEL 24 hours per day at

55 – 5658 – 1111

Press 6 for the English Language desk.

The primary contact window between residents of the city and their government, LOCATEL offers services like:

  • Information: specific information on programs, conferences and services in which the Government is participating.
  • Procedures: Step-by-step guides on procedures for tax payments.
  • Reports: Assisting in the search and recovery of missing persons or vehicles.
  • Special Events (Territorial Services): Help in locating people lost during a mass public events.
  • Integral Services: Specialized professional advice and guidance from professionals:
    • Doctors & medical professionals
    • Legal professionals
    • Psychological counselors
    • Nutritional experts
    • Veterinarian referrals
  • LOCATEL provides attention to international and Mexican visitors in emergency situations.

For international visitors, LOCATEL can help with information if your documents, passport, or ID is stolen, and with the theft of belongings, cell phones, or airline tickets. You can also call them for information on:

  • Transport to many of the points of interest within the city
  • Transfers to the airport or bus stations
  • Transportation within Mexico City
  • Assistance with missing persons cases
  • Assistance in records preparation during investigation of theft of belongings or loss of documents.
  • Bilingual tourist information
  • Basic orientation on sites of interest to international visitors
  • Reconciliation between service providers
  • Accompaniment to embassies, consulates, state representatives, or local or federal agencies for the replacement or processing of official documents.
  • Advice on procedures and services with other government agencies

As a Mexico City tourist hotline, you really can’t go wrong. 

The number again:

55 – 5658 – 1111

Press 6 for the English Language desk.