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The Mexico City Integrated Transit Card

mexico city metro card

The Mexico City Metro Card is officially known as the “Integrated Mobility Card.” It’s the only card you need, and often the only payment accepted, on the Mexico City Metro, Metrobús, and Ecobici.

The Metro Card:

  1. Can be purchased at:
    • at any Metro station ticket window,
    • from the light rail ticket windows.
    • from the machines in any Metrobús station
  2. Allows the purchase a 1-, 3-, or 7-day Ecobici plans. These are only from the Integrated Mobility Ecobici bike stations shown on Ecobci the map.
  3. The cost is mx$15 pesos.

The image on the reverse of the card indicates that with this card you can pay for fares on the Metro, Metrobús, Light Rail, Ecobici, Trolleybus, RTP buses, and on Cablebús.

Note: Passengers pay the price of the card, plus the balance you want available on your new card. So, if you pay 100 pesos total, you’ll receive a Metro Card with a balance of 85 pesos, after the price of the card is deducted from your total payment.

Refilling Your Card

Your Metro Card can be refilled at any of the sales points mentioned above, i.e.; at any Metro station or Light Rail ticket window, or using the machines in Metrobús and Cablebús stations. There are also some private retailers around the city who will recharge your card.


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