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About this Site

welcome to mexico city travel guide

Welcome to Mexico City is a joint effort involving staff from the Mexico City Secretary of Tourism, the Secretary of Culture, and the Agency for Digital Public Innovation, under the direct supervision of the Secretary of Governance.

The intent is to facilitate easier and better informed travel for English language visitors from all parts of the world. While we hope to meet all of your expectations here, we encourage you to share your experiences and concerns as we continue to try to improve the website and the experiences of everyone who visits.

While you’ve probably already realized, it’s a very big city. It’s also an exciting time to be here. While no website can comprehensively cover every possible site and attraction, the creators of this site are doing their best.

A wealth of very good sites are out there. Many of them will cover things like restaurants, bars, and places to stay far better than we can. Nevertheless, we’ve dedicated some of the space in these pages to presenting some of the underappreciated, some of the simply must-see-and-do, because they’re that good.

But we haven’t tried to cover every possible place that’s good to eat or perfect for sleeping. There are simply to many, and on limited resources, we’re trying to cover the best of all of the other categories that we find.

We hope you’ll be a regular visitor because things just keep getting better.