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Ecobici Public Bicycles

mexico city public bicycles
There’s been a revolution in Mexico City transit.

Ecobici is the public bike sharing system that’s made bicycles into an essential part of the city and getting around it. It was originally created for Mexico City residents and for visitors from anywhere.

Ecobici allows registered users to take a bike at any bike station and return it to the bike station closest to your destination on any number of 45-minute trips.  

Look for the newer Multi-media Ecobici stations to instantly register for short-term use.

How to Get Your Ecobici Card

Only newer “Multi-Media” and 4G Bike Stations will let you register for temporary Ecobici use instantly.

Important: To register for a short-term Ecobici plan, you need the new TCDMX integrated mobility card. This is easy enough as it’s the only Metro Card now on sale in the city. But, you need to purchase before proceeding to your Multi-media Ecobici station. 

You can also register to use Ecobici with just an access code and a PIN number that you set up. You’ll then need either your TCDMX card, or the access code/PIN number combination. 


Ecobici Multimedia Bike Station SymbolYou can find the NEW Ecobici Multi-Media bike stations with the special symbols on the Ecobici docking stations map, here


Ecobici Plans from Service Stands or Modules 

Getting an Ecobici card the old fashioned way is also inexpensive and pretty straightforward. You just need: 

    • A valid ID, original and copy – a driver’s license, professional degree, passport, FM2 or FM3 or similar government issued ID 
    • Credit or debit card from VISA or Mastercard – For membership payment, only annual membership cards require a Mexican payment form (credit/debit card) under your name.
    • Urban biking test – Just answer the questions on the “urban biking test.”
    • Letter under oath –  You have to sign confirming that you have the skills and knowledge to use the bikes safely and appropriately.
    • Free urban bike course – All users get access to the Programa de Biciescuela (Bike School Program) to develop the basic knowledge and skills mentioned in the urban biking test.

Note: If someone is paying for you, both must present valid original ID, and a copy, and the bank card of the person paying. This can only be done on customer service centers, modules or stands.

An Ecobici street "module"
An Ecobici street “module,” here you can register and get to pedaling.

Service Stands 

  • CAC 1,  Calle Oaxaca #7 Colonia Roma
  • Mini CAC 1, Camellón de Reforma – outside Reforma 222.
  • Mini CAC 2, Camellón de Reforma at Río Guadalquivir.
  • Mini CAC 3, Insurgentes Sur between Montecito and Filadelfia.

Service hours: Monday thru Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.  


  • Annual $462.00
  • Temporary 7 days $346.00
  • Temporary 3 days $208.00
  • Temporary 1 day $104.00*

All plans include unlimited 45-minute trips. In the event that you exceed this time, the following rates apply:

  • 0 to 45 minutes – Free
  • 46 to 60 minutes – $13.00
  • Extra hour or fraction – $41.00.
  • Card replacement – $14.00.
  • Exceeding 24 hours of use  – $5771.00.*

*All prices shown are in Mexican pesos.