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7 Centuries of Mexico Tenochtitlan

Ancient Tenochtitlan
The ancient center of Tenochtitlan as it appeared in 1519. Illustration: Mariana277 on Wikimedia Commons

Celebrating Seven Centuries of Mexico-Tenochtitlan

The calendar year 2021 marks a series of special events in and all around Mexico City

From the foundation of the island city in 1325, to the fall of Tenochtitlan in August of 1521, it’s a lot to remember.

That’s why the year is filled with special events. There are commemorations, new dedications, and lots to see, do, and experience.

  • See the Historical Interactive Map and Events Calendar Here.

Historical Walking Routes

In these pages, you can explore new walking routes that open up more of the past. And you’ll get  to more and more interesting parts of Mexico City, too.

Centro Histórico

There are dozens of ways in and around the Historical Center of Mexico City. And that’s because there’s simply an awful lot to see.

Ancient Tenochtitlan was divided into four quadrants, with the Templo Mayor in the Zocalo area of today. Explore each of them to get the most out of your Tenochtitlan:

Cuepopan (NW)  |  Atzacoalco (NE) | Moyotlan (SW)  |  Zoquiapan (SE)


Mexico City in the Valley of Mexico


7 Centuries Essential Sites 

The must-see sites for all international visitors to the Valley of Mexico. Like all the walking routes, this one was assembled by the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology & History in cooperation with the Mexico City Secretary of Tourism.

Route of the Resistance

The Mexico City sites most closely associated with the historic events of 1519 – 1521. The culmination was the fall of Tenochtitlan. The immediate aftermath can be understood through a range of neighborhood centers, museums, streets, and works of public art.

Route of Commerce & Tribute

The sites of the great Aztec Empire, its tributary and subject cities. This route takes you to the places still trading in the agricultural and cultural goods of the ancient capital. It’s a trip to markets, small towns and neighborhoods that follow some of the oldest traditions in the country.

First Settlements Route

The earliest settlements in the Valley of Mexico, even long before the arrival of the Mexica of Tenochtitlan. The Valley of Mexico has been settled for thousand of years. Here’s your chance to see the civilizations that influenced – and in culminated in – the illustrious Mexico-Tenochtitlan.

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