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Mi Taxi in the Mexico City App

Mi Taxi CDMX

Photo: Adam Brasher, Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)


The Mi Taxi service within the Mexico City App is an important part of Getting Around Mexico City. The tool allows passengers to travel more safely – and with a more direct connection to authorities who can help in an emergency. It’ll even allow you to permit a friend to track your voyage in real time through any smart phone.

Mi Taxi Ride Hailing

Mi Taxi comes standard with the app. So you need to download and install it, and generate a username and password.

How does MITaxi work?

Two ways!

To simply hail a cab on the street, you can:

  1. Confirm that the operator and the car are registered with the Mi Taxi system.
  2. When a cab responds to your hail, enter the plate numbers into Mi Taxi to confirm the driver’s name, the registered make and model of the car. If they don’t match, don’t get in.
  3. You can then track your voyage and ask a friend to watch your trip!

Second, Mi Taxi lets you hail a taxi from your phone, just like other ride-hailing apps.

  1. Just enter your location and a registered cab will come. This is preferable to hailing cabs that may or may not be registered.
  2. You can also pre-register your destination.

Both ways of going will let you:

  • Share your location in real time. This is especially important if your trip takes you to somewhere you’re not too familiar with.
  • Use the Panic Button in the event of an emergency.

The other major advantage for lots of users, is that the Mi Taxi system will still let you pay cash for your trip. Fares are still calculated by the onboard taximetro, the Mexican term for the meter.

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