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Gran Basamento Mexica


Gran Besamento mexicaOn Argentina street, between Donceles and Luis González Obregón, the Urban Archaeology Program of the INAH made a spectacular discovery. These are the remains of a large base from the central district of Tenochtitlan. Atop it were temples, religious and administrative buildings of the ancient city. These vestiges are from multiple construction stages (between 1440 and 1521) and are barely two meters below the street level. Mexico City's Aztec past is very close. Come discover it!

Heart of Mexico Walkin Route: Ancient Route 

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Proyecto “Corredor de Cultura Digital”.

Nombre de la investigación: Investigación Centro Histórico, Monumentos, Edificios y Puntos de Interés (2023)

Dirección de investigación y diseño de Rutas: Acércate al Centro A.C. Guadalupe Gómez Collada

Coordinación e investigación histórica: Fideicomiso del Centro histórico Dir. Maestra Loredana Montes

  • República de Argentina, Centro Histórico, Alc. Cuauhtémoc, 06020 CDMX


Huei Tzompantli

One of the Templo Mayor complex's most compelling secrets is slowly revealed . . .

Plaza del Seminario

Site of the rebirth of Modern Mexico from its ancient roots . . .


One of the most important sites in the city, even today, don't miss the chance to visit the Templo Mayor.


The first Cathedral to have been built in the Americas.

Vestigios del Calmecac

One of Mexico City's leading cultural and artistic institutions just keeps growing more fascinating.