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La CALACA, San Pedro de los Pinos

LA CALACA is a wonderfully energetic alternative cultural center and hangout in San Pedro de los Pinos. Like many of the most successful cultural spaces, it doubles as something of a rock club but has ended up as one of the anytime go-to spots in San Pedro. Just a half-block off of soul-breaking Avenida Revolución, the spot just may help to define the future of the neighborhood. They even have the iconic neighborhood pine trees growing right out front.

The name stands for Laboratorio de Creación Artística para la Cultura Alternativa, which should be pretty-well understood even in English. Organizers began in 2014, with no name and no physical location. By 2015, the same folks organized in Del Valle as the Colectivo Cultural Cipactli, using the Nahuatl term for a serpent’s head. With several workshops undertaken and a burgeoning film club, they lost the space and moved to the Colonia Alamos. There, the workshops, screenings, exhibitions, and sales events started really taking off.

They adopted the name LA CALACA there, but the Alamos space ran out. In July of 2017, LA CALACA officially reopened in San Pedro de los Pinos with a new gallery featuring sculpture, photography, and painting. Their film series soon expanded to Q&As with directors especially of short and alternative films.

Music Scene

Musical performances have expanded to all kinds of popular genres. And events start early in the evening and often include multiple performances before the night is up. Independent publishers have also found the site an important stop for presentations of books, magazines, discussions, and photo exhibits.

The Laboratory now often takes its message to San Pedro’s several prominent parks. Miraflores is just a half-block up the street. But more than anything, LA CALACA is also re-bridging the old connection between Tacubaya‘s historic alternative scene and the Benito Juárez that ultimately drew its name from that very scene.

Events are always listed on the Facebook Page.

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Parque Miraflores

Nearest at 0.16 kms.

SOMA: Curatorial and Art Space

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Metro San Antonio

Nearest at 0.33 kms.


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