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Embassies in Mexico City are largely concentrated along the Paseo de la Reforma corridor and around Chapultepec Park. There are important exceptions to this rule. The Embassy of  the Russian Federation is the most prominent. A few more countries have taken up residence to the west in Lomas de Chapultepec and even further afield.

Mexico City is home to about 85 embassies of countries all around the world. We're working to get all of them listed here. Mexico is regularly visited by people from just about all of these countries. It's one of the leading destinations for leisure travel anywhere in the world.

In 2021, Mexico was visited by about 35 million people. Many of them came to the capital, and many more visited the country's outlying areas. All of them are welcome. If you don't find your embassy listed below or on the map, you can also call Locatel, the City's call center. They'll be happy to help you.

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