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Embassy of Sweden in Mexico

The Embassy of Sweden in Mexico City is way out on Paseo de las Palmas in Lomas de Chapultepec. The installation used today for consular services was built only in 2018 in front of the ambassador’s residence. It follows a long history of chancery buildings that the Swedish diplomatic mission has occupied in Mexico City since 1913.

In fact, the two countries have had formal diplomatic relations since 1850. Sweden sent their first ambassador only in 1956. Since then, the Swedish diplomatic corps have moved several times prior to reaching the present location.

2023 trade between the two countries totaled some US$$1.4 billion. And some 200 Swedish companies have operated in Mexico for many decades. Mexico mainly buys manufactured goods, cars and pharmaceuticals while shipping back data processing machines, other manufactured goods, raw minerals, coffee, and alcohol.

The Swedish embassy also works to promote Sweden as a destination for investment, business, and tourism. The embassy staff coordinate relations with some 100+ Swedish companies already in Mexico to stimulate trade relations and to promote Swedish culture.

Of course, staff also provide consular services for Swedish and non-Swedish visitors, migrants, and tourists.

Hours: Weekdays, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.


San Lorenzo Tlaltenango

Nearest at 0.00 kms.

Casa-Estudio Leonora Carrington

Nearest at 0.00 kms.

Torre Paragon, Santa Fe

Nearest at 0.00 kms.


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