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Pabellón Polanco

pabellon polanco


The Pabellón Polanco is a giant shopping and retail complex. One of the leading retail hubs in the area, today it’s operated by Grupo Carso who also run the giant, newer, Plaza Carso just up the street. Opened in 1990, the shopping center generally hosts a bit more than 15o merchants.

These include some very high-end car dealers on Ferrocarill de Cuernavaca. That’s the street bordering the entire east-side of the complex. For bikers on the bikeway, the entire complex is a little easy to miss, as one doesn’t often see sports car dealerships at the local mall. It’s above and behind all those showy windows.

Anchored by Sears, the complex is distributed over three grand levels. It’s sometimes also referred to simply as Sears Polanco.  There are a good variety of boutiques, and a casino, plus the normal mix of international restaurants. For international visitors, it may provide some welcome relief from pounding Polanco pavement.

The Polanco neighborhood has grown into a crowded, competitive retail environment. And Sears has had to stay lean and focused. That might surprise USA visitors who witnessed the near-disappearance of the chain. But then, retail itself in Mexico, is a very different ballgame.

Main entrances are on Av. Ejército Nacional in the north, and on Av. Homero in the south.

Hours: Daily 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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