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Plaza Carso

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Photo: Gzzz on Wikimedia Commons


The Plaza Carso is a giant mixed-use development. Most international visitors are going to encounter the complex by way of the Soumaya Museum. That’s far and away the most popular part of the complex. It’s also home to a luxury shopping center that includes a Saks Fifth Avenue department store.

The complex was designed by the Ricardo Legorreta firm and includes dozens of other retailers. There are also three residential towers, and three office towers. These are united by the shopping center on the lower floors.

The Plaza Carso was one of the main drivers of the name “Nuevo Polanco” applied to the area. Ampliación Granada doesn’t have quite the same ring. In fact, the area has seen more than a decade of intense and dense urban development. The Parque Lineal Ferrocaril de Cuernavaca extends northeast from here, actually dividing (or uniting?) the two Granada neighborhoods. The famous Cuernavaca Railroad Bikeway can be said to begin here, too. That one extends more than 30 kms to the south.

But international visitors hit the plaza for the Inbursa Aquarium, the Jumex Museum, and probably a dozen other area attractions.


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The Soumaya Museum

Nearest at 0.17 kms.

Museo Jumex

Nearest at 0.22 kms.

Inbursa Aquarium

Nearest at 0.26 kms.

Antara Fashion Hall in Polanco

Nearest at 0.43 kms.

Pabellón Polanco

Nearest at 0.58 kms.


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