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Parque Lineal Ferrocarril de Cuernavaca

Parque Lineal Cuernavaca

The Parque Lineal Ferrocarril de Cuernavaca opened in 2017. It’s an urban “Rails-to-Trails” park that puts green into some of the City’s densest development areas. The park is said to benefit some 40,000 residents, and it’s not hard to believe when you visit. It runs northeast to southwest, ending up just behind the Soumaya and Jumex museums in the Granada neighborhood. The stretch is, not coincidentally, also the beginning of the extended 60-km Cuernavaca Railroad Bikeway.

The total area is just ​​4.5 kilometers long. But provides cultural, sports, and recreational space with green areas, three sports fields, playgrounds, 147 trees, extra wide pedestrian walkways, bike lanes, 25 benches, 119 lamps, and two skate parks.

The park directly borders on the neighborhoods of Granada and its Ampliación, Cuauhtémoc Pensil, Modelo Pensil, and Dos Lagos. The project resulted from 130 different proposals for how to best use the space. When this was narrowed down to five finalists, organizers toured the neighborhoods and interviewed residents. The result is something to see.

One of the City’s most innovative new public spaces, it’s a greenway and a thoroughfare. As a bikeway, the Parque Lineal is even an alternative transit corridor. It’s also one that’s regularly well-used by thousands of residents. Just a few blocks south of Metro San Joaquín, it makes the trip across Granada to attractions on the other side of the neighborhood a lot more pleasant.

How to get here
  • 11310 de Dos Lagos, Miguel Hidalgo 11310 CDMX


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