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Capital Bus Center-Polanco Route

The Capital Bus Center-Polanco Route might more fairly be called the Center-Reforma-Polanco Route. Passengers get big access to an enormous swath of the center city. This runs westward from the Historic Center, along much of Paseo de la Reforma, and then deep into Polanco.

One of the three principle Capital Bus routes, passengers get a single bracelet that lets you hop on and off at any stop along all three routes. (See the others below.)

Polanco was always on international travelers' radar in part because it's always been home to many international hotels. These are mostly concentrated along the southern rim of the neighborhood where it borders with the giant Chapultepec Park. But today's travelers especially flock to the newer concentration of attractions centered on the Soumaya Museum and the Plaza Carso.

Capital Bus Center-South Route

Capital Bus Temples Route

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