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Embassy of Slovakia in Mexico City

The Embassy of Slovakia is at home in Mexico City’s Polanco neighborhood. Mexico established diplomatic relations with a newly-independent Slovakia in 1993. At that point, Mexico already a long history of relations with Czechoslovakia and the exile-Czechoslovak governments during World War II. With the Velvet Revolution concluding in 1992, relations between the two countries resumed without delay.

Although both countries share long histories of minerals extraction and mining, today conversations about commonalities between the two economies revolve almost entirely around the automotive industry. This conversation is especially focused on automotive parts. The big Mexican parts supplier Nemak, a subsidiary of Alfa, runs a big auto parts plant in Slovakia.

The 1997 Free Trade Agreement Mexico signed with the European Union would later mean that trade between the two countries would only increase. Slovakia was admitted to the EU in 2004. Mexico sends mostly auto-parts, machinery, electrical appliances, and copper based products to Slovakia. It brings back motors and compressors, other auto-parts, tools, and tires.

Today, Mexican relations with Slovakia are managed from the Mexican Embassy in Vienna. The Slovak capital of Bratislava is about a 0ne-hour drive to the east.

In Mexico City, the Embassy of Slovakia is just a few minutes walk south of the Parque Lincoln and just north of the Bolivar Obelisk on Paseo de la Reforma.

Hours: Tuesday & Thursday, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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