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San Vicente Ferrer

Parroquia San Vicente Ferrer,Benito Juárez,Ciudad de México
Photo: Catedrales e Iglesias/Cathedrals and Churches, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)


The San Vicente Ferrer Church in San Pedro de los Pinos is a church emblematic of the neighborhood. It was completed in 1922. The bell tower was added under the direction of architect, Carlos Cantú. It’s especially well-regarded for the abundance of carved quarry stone in the façade, much of it in a Neo-Baroque style.

The stained glass windows depict the mysteries of the rosary. These were the work of artist, Victor Francisco Marco, and completed in 1937.

  • Saint Vincent Ferrer (1350–1419) was a Valencian Dominican friar and preacher. He came to great fame as a missionary and a logician. Believed to have been endowed with the “gift of tongues,” he preached in England, Scotland, Ireland, Aragon, Castile, France, Switzerland, and Italy. He died in Brittany in France where fishermen still invoke his aid during storms. In Spain, he’s the patron of orphanages.

The parish is particularly proud of the Neo-Classical altarpiece, with side-murals of San Vicente Ferrer. The apse is topped by a quarter sphere and this is decorated with a mural depicting the Trinity, the Virgin, Saint Dominic, and the angels.

A 1923 oil-on canvas work depicts the “Virgin of Guadalupe,” by G. Carrasco is among other important works in the parish collection.

The San Vicente Ferrer Church was long the Catholic spiritual center of the neighborhood. Its influence is still exerted in the sheer gravity of the architectural work. Its presence is seldom entirely far from notice.

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