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Mercado San Pedro de los Pinos

Mercado San Pedro de los Pinos
Photo: Secretaría de Turismo de la Ciudad de México


The Mercado San Pedro de los Pinos is easily one of Mexico City’s best-loved neighborhood markets. The fact that it’s also a historical landmark is practically an afterthought.

Pedro Ramírez Vázquez designed the market in a flurry of market building in the late 1950s. Nonetheless, this one is unique and stands out for a number of features. Most notable is the variation on the sawtooth industrial roof. The market opened in 1957 and has been the center of the neighborhood ever since.

The outside is an explosion of color. Perhaps this is meant to emulate the interior. Murals were completed by the art collective Chiquitraca in 2013. The paintings also highlight one of the market’s main offerings: seafood. That said, inside you’ll find just about every other kind of prepared food too.

The Market’s official website currently lists 14 different eateries. Those are among some 11 other specialty vendors. It’s a big bright clean market. But also one that’s super convenient to a fun neighborhood, and to the Metro too.

The market faces the Parque Pombo. The land for the park was donated to the community by Oaxacan lawyer, Luis Pombo way back in 1904. It’s been a neighborhood landmark ever since.

How to get here
  • Calle Av. Dos S/N, San Pedro de los Pinos, Benito Juárez, 03800 CDMX


San Vicente Ferrer

Nearest at 0.06 kms.

Don Luis Pombo Park

Nearest at 0.08 kms.


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