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Don Luis Pombo Park

parque pombo
Photo: Henryficar on Wikimedia Commons

The Parque Pombo is officially recognized as the Don Luis Pombo park. It was built on land the lawyer from Oaxaca donated to the community in 1904.

Don Luis Pombo (1838-1905) is probably best-remembered, at least when not in the park, for having published a statistical manual. Mexico: 1876-1892. (Estudio estadístico.), remarkably, is still in print. There, Pombo related that:

Among the useful public works lately constructed, we have to mention the three spacious markets of San Juan, Loreto, and La Merced; they are built of iron and glass, are well ventilated, have artificial stone floors, and all the sanitary conditions necessary; they cost $360,000, and substitute the old Volador market [site of the present-day Supreme Court building], which was devoid of all modern conveniences. Markets have also been built at San Cosme, (a suburb which, like that of Guerrero, and several others, has come into importance since 1877), San Lucas, and Juan Carbonero

– from the 1893 translation by W.T. Pritchard. Available from the British Library Digital Collection

Here of course, we’re much closer to the Mercado San Pedro de los Pinos (1957). Together with the Parque Pombo, one can be forgiven for thinking that this is indeed the very center of the neighborhood, if not the world.

How to get here
  • C. 7 67, San Pedro de los Pinos, Benito Juárez, 03800 CDMX


Mercado San Pedro de los Pinos

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