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Mercado 24 de agosto, Narvarte

Photos courtesy of the Mercado Facebook Page

The Mercado 24 de agosto is a big neighborhood market in the colonia Narvarte Poniente. The market is named for the date of the signing of the Treaties of Cordoba in 1821. That’s the formal end to New Spain’s dependence on the Spanish Crown, the dissolution of the colonial state and the emergence of modern, independent Mexico.

Quizzically, the market lies between Anaxágoras and Pitágoras streets.

  • Anaxagoras (c. 500–c. 428 BCE) was a Pre-Socratic Greek philosopher. Anaxagoras was remembered both in Dante’s Inferno, and later in Goethe’s Faust.
  • Pythagoras of Samos (570–c. 495 BCE) is remembered for having lent his name to Pythagoreanism, and for advancements his followers made in advancing mathematical concepts in arithmetic and geometry.

The Mercado 24 de agosto is home to some 200 individual merchants. That’s a pretty good-sized neighborhood market. Of course, depending on the season, some are likely to be working outside the market proper. But amongst all of these vendors, a few are always preparing ready-cooked complete meals. For international travelers who’ve gorged on street food, and worse, airport food, the market is a far better opportunity. Prices remain reasonable. Nutrition exceeds what most vacationers can normally expect.

Plus, Mexico City’s big afternoon meal is served with gusto. The market is a big local social center. And as public markets go, those with the biggest online reach will also be the most happy to see you in the real world. Narvarte’s neighborhood market is among the friendliest online players.

Hours: Daily, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

How to get here
  • Anaxágoras 629, Col. Narvarte Poniente, Alc. Benito Juárez, 03020 CDMX


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