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San Pedro de los Pinos

San Pedro de los Pinos has long been a favorite for international visitors. It began as a summer destination of country houses for the wealthy of nearby Tacubaya and Mixcoac. Most of the territory was occupied by ranches and haciendas.

Although had certainly been occupied during the ancient period (a small shrine to the god Mixcoatl was documented here) the name derives from the colonial use of the pine forests in the area. The Dominicans established a chapel near to the San Pedro checkpoint on the colonial era road.

Palaces and summer homes began to appear that the end of the 19th century. Only at the end of the Mexican Revolution did the neighborhood really become urbanized.

Today, San Pedro de los Pinos is a strong walking neighborhood. Strollers take in the strong examples of residential architecture, radiating out on tidy streets from the market and the parks.

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