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Metrópoli Patriotismo


The Metrópoli Patriotismo is a giant shopping center that’s expanded into an office complex. There’s a big Cinemex and a ONE hotel, too. The complex opened in 2006 but has expanded several times to the point where it seems to dominate much of the area. It’s technically part of San Pedro de los Pinos, but borders on Escandón to the north and Napoles to the east.

The shopping center was designed by architects Juan Sánchez Aedo and José Picciotto, both of Picciotto Architects. The initial project has been recognized with a LEED rating from the Green Building Council. The overall complex has advanced systems for handling waste, water, and energy consumption.

A second stage of the project was completed in 2015 and added most of the towers. Today, the shopping center interior made prolific use of wood, perhaps to make up for the exterior which remains rather daunting. With just about 112 merchants, including a few dozen international restaurants, Metrópoli Patriotismo is more intimate than many of Mexico City’s notoriously gigantic shopping centers.

Turibus RoutesThe Turibus South Circuit stops here on its northbound route. The stop is on the stretch of Patriotismo just outside the westside doors at street level.

How to get here
  • Patriotismo 229, Col San Pedro de los Pinos, Benito Juárez, 03800 CDMX


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Don Luis Pombo Park

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