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Escandón is not so ancient as nearby Mixcoac. Today's neighborhood derives from the colonial haciendas that dominated the area. These were just outside the populated colonial city of Tacubaya. And the two areas are historically linked. Escandón grew up only when it was subdivided in the 19th century. And then it took on the name of the family who'd long dominated the area.

By the end of the Mexican Revolution, the area was established as a residential area. By the 1930s, it was being subdivided again and housing was especially provided here for ranking military officers and their families.

Today's Colonia Escandón is benefiting from the higher rents north in La Condesa. The map shows it in Sections 1 (north) and 2 (south). Some of the most competitive and lively eateries open on streets traditionally given over to pulquerias. The pulque is still frothy, but with lots of new neighbors, the scene couldn't be more happening.

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