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Turibus Coyoacán South Circuit

The Turibus Coyoacán-South Circuit is a terrific way to see what is, admittedly, an enormous territory. Passengers get front row seats not just for the Center of Coyoacán. That's already one of Mexico City's preferred walking neighborhoods.

You'll also have full access to some of the best (and newest) shopping centers. Covering a tremendous section of Benito Juárez, arriving in Coyoacán has never been more fun.

Turibus runs daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., with buses arriving at each stop about every 60 minutes.

Click on any of the stops below to see more of everything in the surrounding neighborhood. (There's a lot to see.)

Turibus Basilica Circuit

Turibus Historic Center Circuit

Turibus Polanco

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