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Photo courtesy of the Guadalajara90210 Facebook page.

Guadalajara90210 is a contemporary arts project based in Guadalajara. The project is dedicated to contemporary art and explores new exhibition formats through the organization of projects in all kinds of venues. That means they show in all kinds of locations. The organization has grown into a mainstay at Mexico City contemporary arts events. Gallery Weekend 2021 is a good example.

The project is this year presenting “Solo el tacto permanece” (Only touch remains) curated by Daniel Garza-Usabiaga and with three dimensional work by Pablo Arellano.

“The set of pieces establishes a formal game amongst themselves, particularly in terms of scale. The resolution of each sculpture responds strongly to the nature of its materials. From this material consideration, Arellano proceeds somewhat intuitively. The result are sculptures that challenge the idea of statism, with which this practice is generally associated, by being able to present themselves in multiple ways.” 

Guadalajara90210 also helps to cement the Escandon neighborhood as a burgeoning arts neighborhood. With a few other locations in the Gallery Weekend, and many open year-round, it’s quickly consolidating as the anti-Condesa, even in Condesa‘s shadow.

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