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Parque Miraflores

Parque Miraflores San Pedro de los Pinos
Photo: Alcaldía Benito Juárez

The Parque Miraflores is the other park in the San Pedro de los Pinos neighborhood. It’s actually bigger than the better-known Parque Pombo, by the neighborhood market. The park is historically most famous for hosting two early televisions. Mounted in trees, they broadcast children’s programming for neighborhood kids starting in 1950. Today, the site of one of them is still the park’s kids area.

The park is also well-regarded for a 1971 remodeling that added circular paved areas and patios. The park is home to a tree donated by Sara Perez, the wife of President Francisco Madero. That tree is still in the park more than 110 years later. She planted it in 1911. The event coincided with donations of sewing machines and equipment to seamstresses and tailors working in the area at that time.

There’s also a well-know Ceiba tree. Unusual in Mexico City, the Ceiba pentandra is especially sacred to many Maya peoples.

2010 Bicentennial Commemorations included the unveiling of a statue of Morelos facing the north side of the park on Calle 17. Not a lot of international guests will make it to Parque Miraflores. Nevertheless, for those intent on the experience of San Pedro de los Pinos, it’s a vital landmark. It’s a stone’s throw from Metro San Pedro de los Pinos.


How to get here
  • C. 17 87_2, San Pedro de los Pinos, Benito Juárez, 03800 CDMX


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