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Escandón & Tacubaya

Miguel Hidalgo is an enormous part of the city. It's divided by the giant Chapultepec Park. (We put points to the north of the park here.)

Lower Miguel Hidalgo, where we are today, is so important for the neighborhoods here, and because they intersect with important neighborhoods in three other alcaldías.

In Miguel Hidalgo, we're mostly concerned with Tacubaya, an ancient and independent city all on its own. But just north is San Miguel Chapultepec, an increasingly fashionable neighborhood with an important art gallery scene.

International visitors staying in nearby Condesa and Roma do well to venture just a little to the west. Lower Miguel Hidalgo also connects with important neighborhoods in Benito Juárez, among them Napoles, and Mixcoac. And Metro Observatorio and points to the southwest are actually in Álvaro Obregón. (Don't worry. It's easier than it sounds.)

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