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Calle Tacuba

Calle Tacuba, in Mexico City's Historic Center, is one of the most loaded, historical, and fascinating streets in the City. That's if you know what you're looking at.

On the Tenochtitlan-side of the old Mexico-Tacuba Causeway, we're giving you the full run-down on all the important things to see and do. There are a good handful of museums, striking historical architecture, and more that you're going to want to learn all about - even if you're not visiting soon.

If you are visiting, it's the perfect introduction to just one part of the Centro Histórico.

And if you need even more, it's all down below.  If you like this video, subscribe to the YouTube Channel and keep checking back here. We're always adding more and better stuff to help understand and explore the world's biggest, most interesting city: Mexico City.

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