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Scenic overlooks in Mexico City are none to common. There are a thousand places to be enchanted, lost, bedazzled, and to be enamored at it all.

But getting up above it all, to look around, or to see from one sierra to the other? That's doing something. It's honestly not that easy. And many international visitors will get just a taste by arriving in an airplane. There's a lot to see.

We'll give you the best, from skyscrapers to mountain ranges. Here and there, there's a great view from one of the better cerros - those quizzical extinct volcanoes. But as giving you the biggest picture possible is always part of the fun, that's what this site aims to do.

Below are some of the best scenic overlooks and places to have a long look around. While you're searching in the distance, don't be afraid to have a look closer at hand, too. Each site is linked to the other surrounding places so no matter where you go, there's something else nearby.

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