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Cablebús Line 2

Cablebús Line 2 opened in August of 2021 and instantly became one of the City's foremost attractions. The longest cable car line in the world, it cuts across south eastern Iztapalapa, and connects on both ends with the City's Metro system.

Along the way, passengers marvel at the Sierra de Santa Catarina. It's a chain of extinct volcanoes that tower over once distant and barely-known neighborhoods. Today, the public markets here have thrown open the doors to visitors from all over the world. One station, Quetzalcoatl, was even built on top of the new market. And the food couldn't be better.

Riding the line costs just mx$7 pesos. (Bring your Metro Card.) But it's an adventure never to be forgotten.

The eastern end of the line takes you right into the Acatitla-Teotongo Area, one of the fastest growing in Mexico City.

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