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Cablebús Line 1

Cablebús Line 1 departs from Mexico City's Indios Verdes and heads into the far north of the City. Though they used to be difficult places to reach in city traffic, today getting there is often more fun than arriving.

Cuatepec and Tlapexco, at the two ends of the line, are today enjoying new connections with the rest of Mexico City. International visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the outstanding southerly views that these communities have always enjoyed.

But then, you're also in the heights of the age-old Sierra de Guadalupe. It's the chain of mountains and extinct volcanoes that make up Mexico City's northern limits. If you're up for a steep climb, it's also a State Park and protected area.

There's a lot to see and do in the area. And for views, few others will be as well remembered as those from Cablebús Line 1. Except maybe for those from Cablebús Line 2.

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