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The Mexico City Skyline isn't always easy to see. We've included a list of Scenic Overlooks, but among the best are a couple of Mexico City skyscrapers that will let you climb to the top. (Both the Torre Mayor and the Torre Latinoamericana have public viewing platforms.)

From up there, among the most notable sights are the City's many other tall buildings. Architectural historians will likely note the trend in building upward began with the National Lottery Building in 1933. The fact is, engineers had to learn to build buildings like these in Mexico City's tough conditions. The lottery building took 13 years to accomplish!

Buildings that weren't damaged and demolished after the many earthquakes of the past 100 years are those built to exacting standards and with innovative techniques. After some mistakes with tragic consequences, builders go forward today with more confidence. The results have given us the skyline, or skylines, we enjoy today.

In fact, there are many Mexico City skylines. Mexico City skyscrapers are just one way to better appreciate them.

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