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World Trade Center Ciudad de México (WTC)

World Trade Center CDMX
Photo: Armando Argandar on Wikimedia Commons

The World Trade Center Ciudad de México is known today primarily as a giant meeting and convention center. The complex also includes the Siqueiros Cultural Center, a three-level shopping complex, movies theaters, and several residential towers.  The complex hosts more than 900 office spaces, several specialized health and beauty clinics, medical offices, meeting and training rooms, commercial spaces, restaurants, banks, a cultural and concert center, guesthouses and hotels, and enormous parking facilities. The Mirador 360º is the largest revolving restaurant in the world.

The WTC began as the Hotel de México, intended as a skyscraper hotel. Construction began in 1966, but due to several interruptions, it was not completed until 1972. It never really operated as successful hotel. By the mid-1980s, a project began to convert the site into a business center. By 1992, the Mexican federal government stepped in to support some of the financing, and the project was re-christened the World Trade Center around that time.

The international expo and convention center hosts some 2.5 million people every year. Normal years see about 80 different major exhibitions or expos. The World Trade Center name also covers most of the eastern part of the Napoles neighborhood. It officially stretches all the way to San Pedro de los Pinos in the west.

Turibus RoutesThe Turibus Coyoacán (South) Circuit stops just north of the complex, on the median between De las naciones and Montecito.

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Polyforum Siqueiros

Nearest at 0.16 kms.

Alameda Nápoles

Nearest at 0.69 kms.

Pulquería La Pirata

Nearest at 0.72 kms.


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