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Divina Providencia, Del Valle
Photo courtesy of the Divina Providencia Facebook page


Divina Providencia, the Del Valle Church of the Divine Providence, is the 1968 work of architects Honorato Carrasco and Amaury Pérez de la Huerta García. It seems to be in clear communication with the nearby Church of Santa Monica.

The temple was entirely financed by parishioners. In 1968, it went up in a semicircular design with steep folds that bear all of the weight of the vault. Believed to have been one of the most avant-garde examples of religious architecture at the time, it’s still a sight to behold. The distribution of space and especially the lighting achieved over the altar make it a true work of art. The altar is illuminated by an oculus which permits the graceful entrance of entirely natural light.

The 12 steep peaks are enclosed by stained glass windows depicting the 12 apostles. The striking half-circle then joins a northern more conventional building with residential areas, classrooms, offices, and a dispensary.

One of the most noteworthy of buildings in the area, it is part and parcel of its time. 1968 was a year of tremendous growth, the height of the Mexican economic miracle, and a time of great strife and conflict. Just one of multiple sites in the area, the church is often visited in combination with some of the other churches. This parish also runs the older Chapel of Santo Tomás de Aquino. Of course, the Galerías Insurgentes shopping complex, directly to the west, make a convenient place for shopping. The dramatic Multifamiliar Presidente Alemán residential complex (1947-49) is directly to the east and extending the full block north.

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Multifamiliar Presidente Alemán

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