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Alameda Nápoles

alameda napoles
Photo: Alcaldía Benito Juárez

The Alameda Nápoles is the park at the center of the Colonia Nápoles. The park’s official name is the Parque Alfonso Esparza Oteo. It came about with the original neighborhood layout in the 19th century. Renamed by the City in 1951, most residents still refer to it as the Alameda.

  • Alfonso Esparza Oteo (1894-1950) was a musical composer of great notoriety in the 1920s. His name takes on special significance here as then-president Álvaro Obregón is said to have been listening to the song “El Limoncito” when he was assassinated in 1928. That troubling event took place just 20 minutes south on Insurgentes at the Parque de La Bombilla.
Perhaps interestingly, the clocktower in the park (shown above) has become a symbol for the entire neighborhood. And this is in a neighborhood with some serious competition for iconic status. Nápoles is also home to the World Trade Center and the famous Siqueiros Polyforum.
The Alameda Nápoles boasts a small open-air forum where local residents sometimes present performances. There are also children’s areas and a sports training area, and a few broad green areas. At 22,000 square meters, the park’s sized and largely surrounded by residential buildings. Just a few blocks off of Insurgentes Avenue, it’s a major asset in the center of the City.
How to get here
  • Georgia, Col Nápoles, Benito Juárez, 03810 CDMX


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